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Epic has notched another big win, as Scripps Health, with its four hospitals and more than 25 clinics, has chosen the health IT giant to replace its electronic health record and revenue cycle management systems. more
The Texas-based electronic medical record company announced March 31 it has been acquired by a private investment firm and is slated to merge with a... more
Bryan Sivak, chief technology officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will be leaving in April. No word yet about what's... more
An Ohio-based hospital is the latest provider to sign on with CommonWell Health Alliance, a step that will give its clinicians the ability to see... more
Security professional to demo a GPU-based system for launching 1 million password-cracking attempts per minute. Could you fend that off? more
NYU Langone is running its own HIE across hospitals and clinics and, in so doing, taking on work that larger RHIOs lack the agility to perform. more
When talking about the gender discrimination problem in healthcare (and there's a big one), it's best to listen to the people experiencing... more
Despite the many potential rewards of networked healthcare, the risks are very real -- and potentially catastrophic -- when it comes to wearable and... more
Mount Sinai Health System tapped Royal Philips to create a state-of-the-art digital image repository of patient tissue samples. Today, the samples... more
Boston Children's and Penn Medicine faced similar choices: They could purchase existing apps on the open market, with no guarantee they would... more
Google and Johnson & Johnson are teaming up to make surgical robots. Each will bring capabilities, intellectual property and expertise to the... more
(SPONSORED) As connected care becomes the norm in healthcare, security threats strike fear into all healthcare organizations. Protecting data... more
It appears that FHIR is about to blaze through healthcare. At HIMSS15, HL7 will be demonstrating the latest version of its next-generation standards... more
The electronic health record system at Boston Children's Hospital crashed on Friday, March 20, and remained down until Wednesday March, 25, the... more
CMIOs are eager to increase strategic involvement in their organization's critical initiatives, and they are gaining ground. more
At no other time in history has there been such a concentrated push for interoperability as there is today. But that doesn't mean the road to... more
Virtualization enables clinicians to see the same desktop from any device within a hospital's network and lets applications essentially follow... more
Software giant aims to help clinicians adjust to changing landscape with analytics, cloud and mobile software tools. more
"Because I said so." If you've ever been a parent of a teenager, you've likely uttered (screamed) those four words on more than... more
In five short years, the cloud has evolved from a curious, unproven concept to almost a way of life in healthcare. Advancements in technology and... more
How an HIE serving 2 million patients piloted a project to understand whether its data could help identify people in the area with undiagnosed... more
Tools will soon be able to answer questions that doctors never might have never thought to ask, the association's president said. more
On March 20, CMS released its proposed Stage 3 rules and certification critieria for eligible hospitals and providers. This analysis by Micky... more
More than 98 percent of athenahealth's medical practice clients achieved Stage 2 meaningful use in 2014. That number surpasses the MU... more
"The interviews really brought it to life; it was fun to do," says Robert Wachter, MD, of the 90 or so people, from across the healthcare... more
(SPONSORED) Shawn Hakl discusses the importance of security in a network that carries personal health information. more
Recent cyber attacks have been highly disruptive and publicly embarrassing for the healthcare industry. Take part in the HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey... more
(SPONSORED) Point-of-care technology is the key to providing patient care and efficient workflows. PC Connection, Inc. has the experts and services... more
The HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador cut her teeth on health IT in England during late 1980s, where she got a glimpse of what we now call the Triple... more
Cloud CRM vendor set to unveil collaboration platform it claims offers "a 360-degree view of patient and provider details." more
(SPONSORED) Healthcare providers are financially responsible for at-risk patients. Once these patients are discharged, providers lose contact with... more
(SPONSORED) Once customers are riding on the "Power of the Network," what do they want to do when they get there? The only way to achieve... more
The time is ripe for "3rd Platform" EHRs, according to IDC -- which sees some movement toward these newer, more flexible and mostly cloud-... more
As it has with other proposed rule-makings, CMS has touted the "flexibility" and "streamlined" nature of the new Stage 3... more
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a bill that will postpone a deadline for physicians to issue only electronic prescriptions. Despite... more
Lawmakers in Arkansas have rejected a telemedicine bill that proponents say would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and reach patients living in... more
(SPONSORED) Wade Baker is an information security leader with a passion for figuring things out and making things work at all layers. more
(SPONSORED) Connected care technologies like patient monitor devices provide valuable data that help clinicians care for their patients. Their... more
In a major metropolitan experiment, a regional health information exchange is aggressively pursuing the goal of connecting 100 percent of providers... more
The reaction to the long-anticipated Stage 3 meaningful use rules has been slow in coming, but a few people have managed to wade through the hundreds... more
(SPONSORED) Healthcare is at a crisis point, driving changes to risk and reimbursement models. To survive in this environment, many healthcare... more
Hospitalist pioneer and patient safety guru Robert M. Wachter, MD, writes in a New York Times op-ed that health IT has been a letdown in many ways,... more
(SPONSORED) As healthcare providers transition to population health management, they have recognized that engaging patients is essential to success. more
An arm of the Defense Department's Military Health System joined the HIE to improve the quality of care while also reducing costs. more
The new Stage 3 meaningful use rules proposed Friday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services seek to give providers more flexibility,... more
Epic Systems, known for its health IT technology -- with the lion's share of EHR systems in hospitals across the country -- now is garnering... more
A cloud-based EHR company in Florida is getting a venture capital boost after IBM announced it was making an investment. One plan is to build off its... more
VirtuMedix enters its second year with an eye on usability, scalability and a more favorable reimbursement environment. more
(SPONSORED) Innovations in mobility, cloud and M2M technology have allowed healthcare organizations to transform how they do business and care for... more
(SPONSORED) As healthcare continues toward the goal of being able to access information anytime, anywhere, it is increasingly clear that cloud... more
Fifteen months after Intermountain Healthcare and Cerner signed a contract that keeps them in partnership for the next 10 years, Intermountain, known... more

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