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Howard Wolpert, MD, has spent much of his life researching technology innovations for diabetes management. He's convinced better tools would help improve the odds in the fight against this deadly disease. more
For six years, Healthcare IT News has called on our readers to shine a bright light on the people in this industry who are making a difference. It... more
Mayo Clinic is publishing commercialized analytics tools on the Apervita platform, offering other healthcare organizations the chance to leverage its... more
InterSystems just released the latest version of the data platform it first introduced in 1997: Caché 2015. What does it have to do with Epic? Plenty. more
HIPAA does not get as technical as these common vulnerabilities, so there's a huge gray area that healthcare payers and providers must grasp. more
Electronic messages don't do a good job of identifying where a patient's last healthcare activity took place, let alone at a granular level. more
Medicare eligible professionals now have until 11:59 p.m. ET on March 20, 2015, to attest to meaningful use for the 2014 reporting year. more
The PwC team vying for the Department of Defense $11 billion EHR modernization contract has been dropped, leaving three teams in the running. more
Mobile apps equipped with clinical decision support lead to much higher diagnosis rates than apps that merely record data from a patient exam, a... more
There's a right way to manage third-party risks and vendor contracting, and there's the wrong way. And, too often, it's the latter.... more
The number of patients affected by medical identity theft increased nearly 22 percent over the past year, according to a new report from the Medical... more
UPMC's chief innovation officer talks true semantic interoperability, moving past the hype and reaching thousands of patients at a time. more
Over the past 10 years or more, information technology has markedly changed the treatment and care cancer patients receive today. more
Most physician practices are now convinced that the ICD-10 transition will finally happen on Oct. 1, 2015. But just 21 percent say they're on... more
Geisinger Health System has found a new leader to fill the position of CEO, succeeding Glenn Steele Jr., MD. more
Think about how long four seconds is. One. Two. Three. Four. Done. It's no time at all, really. But for ischemic heart disease, the leading... more
Healthcare privacy and security experts from around the United States will gather in San Diego March 5-6 to share information and strategize over how... more
Chalk one up for patient safety. A new report commissioned by the FDA and authored by the Brookings Institution is calling for the creation of a... more
Optimizing EHRs for tablets is the first step toward transforming care delivery. Next up: Covering more steps of the care continuum. more
More and more across healthcare, provider organizations are adding a new C-suite role to their rosters -- or at least a new letter to the acronym of... more
Stiffer competition between key vendors is leaving an increasing number of healthcare providers on the fence about which EHR system to buy, according... more
Cleveland Clinic has partnered with a cable TV giant to form an alliance that aims to expand the reach of healthcare beyond the hospital, into a mall... more
Black Book, the research firm known for its rankings of health IT products, has changed its survey process after an inspection of its EHR survey... more
Jointly developed in conjunction with two hospitals, POC Advisor is showing impressive early results. more
The self-professed "disruptive innovation geek" lauds the HIT community, laments the state of patient-centered care and reflects on time... more
Google and Amazon: you just got outplayed -- at least in the security standards arena. Just this month, tech giant Microsoft announced it was... more
The Medical Group Management Association on Friday named its new president and chief executive officer -- a health system chief medical officer,... more
Healthcare organizations willing to break the tried-and-true approach to acquiring IT products are creating applications that are more closely... more
A new partnership between a Portland, Oregon, behavioral health services provider and a local health system will use an HIE tool to link the hospital... more
The $28.1 billion carrot paid out to meaningful EHR adopters to date has spurred significant EHR adoption specifically among emergency and outpatient... more
A university health policy center has received a $2.7 million award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to partner with other... more
Fluence, the software formerly known as Convergence, extracts data from various systems to "bring the patient story to life" via a... more
Much the way telecommunications providers once struggled with the home stretch of connectivity, healthcare organizations today are grappling with... more
Nearly 95 percent of health IT professionals say complying with regulations is the chief driver of their decision-making, according to a new poll.... more
One big-name health system and a neighboring university have teamed up on a new initiative that will harness data from electronic medical records, de... more
Two people who died at the UCLA's Ronald Regan Medical Center are among seven patients that UCLA has identified as infected by the deadly... more
"There's an app for that" may be an effective marketing phrase, but don't expect hospital security officials to appreciate it.... more
The Interoperability Showcase is one of the biggest and most buzzworthy facets of the annual HIMSS conference and this year's shindig in Chicago... more
Coalfire addresses how vulnerable electronic personal health information is to hacks, breaches and intrusions. more
With a $45.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College will... more
St. Clair Hospital of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, a 328-bed acute care facility, has been named a 2014 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award recipient. more
Pulling together analytics, population health functions and care coordination, Virtual Health's new platform overlays existing silos to help... more
It turns out many healthcare organizations get more than a few things wrong about their information security frameworks. more
Electronic health record giant Epic Systems, often criticized for its closed architecture, will soon open an app store -- enabling outside developers... more
While the collection and sharing of health data has yet to significantly impact care cost or quality, it has laid the foundation for the move toward... more
The company intends to launch new vendor neutral archive technology at HIMSS15 as part of broader efforts to build out its clinical content strategy. more
Consumers deeply immersed in digital technologies are beginning to demand more of healthcare providers. more
An emerging series of navigator apps will help physicians and patients work together from diagnosis through care milestones. more
The SaaS vendor has been busy aligning with healthcare partners, adding analytics to its quiver and fostering a developer program for wearables. more
To help patients who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, or who have limited English proficiency, Yale-New Haven Hospital will deploy several dozen touch-... more
More and more providers are deploying clinical and business intelligence tools to help care for patients and optimize operations, but fewer have yet... more

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