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Effective use of analytics is "not something you can buy from a vendor; it's an organizational and cultural value that has to grow and mature," said James E. Gaston, speaking Thursday at the Healthcare IT News/HIMSS Media Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum in Washington. more
A California-based home care and hospice group has undergone a digital overhaul after providing tablet computers for its some 1,300 care providers.... more
After some doctors at University of Utah Health Care noticed scathing online reviews about themselves in 2012, the hospital system decided the best... more
Geisinger Health System, the pioneering integrated care network, is "perfectly designed to do a huge number of experiments in both the provider... more
For the most part, providers are still weary over the mHealth movement. And this weariness just might be preventing them from big care improvement... more
The most basic security truth in 2014 is that encryption done properly -- a high enough level of encryption, proper safeguarding of the encryption... more
The European Commission wants to collect opinions on how best to use mobile devices such as phones, tablets, patient monitoring tools and other... more
It seems almost unfair. Clinical IT systems, in the last few years, have generally enjoyed a monopoly of the applications spotlight, often leaving... more
Sure, the EHR Incentive Program, with its $22 billion plus paid out thus far to meaningful users, might have helped bring the healthcare sector out... more
Security is a nightmare for all companies, but the very nature of healthcare makes it far worse. Are there ways to make security not merely viable,... more
The American Health Information Management Association has called for the Department of Health and Human Services to announce Oct. 1, 2015, as the... more
Telecommunication behemoth BlackBerry Limited is testing out the healthcare IT waters, after it announced this week it was buying a stake in a cloud-... more
In yet another record quarter for venture capital, health information technology companies raked in $858 million since January, across 163 deals -- a... more
Meaningful use just might have its financial perks. That's according to the top 25 highest performing meaningful users under the Electronic... more
Is it wrong to be skeptical about the integrity of quality measures in meaningful use, particularly in the wake of what one quality improvement... more
Medicare's release this past week of physician reimbursement data may be, as U.S. CTO Todd Park puts it, an "unprecedented"... more
When it comes to security threat severity, the Heartbleed bug doesn't miss a beat. That's according to Phil Lerner, chief information... more
With consumers entranced by fast-evolving technologies and accustomed to price competition, healthcare is set to be transformed by innovations from... more
Recently, three different models emerged for sharing big data across the pharmaceutical industry. One of these models was voted on by the European... more
ONC chief Karen DeSalvo said Thursday in a keynote on Capitol Hill it's time for ONC to drive healthcare beyond the meaningful use of electronic... more
Encouraged by the patient engagement spurred by giants such as Geisinger and the VA who've taken part, Kaiser Permanente Northwest and eight... more
The state with the lowest electronic health record adoption rates in the nation has finally put a foot forward with its statewide health information... more
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius seemed to have weathered the maelstrom surrounding the botched rollout of the government's health insurance... more
Openly available online, JBS3 was specifically designed to help healthcare practitioners identify and communicate risk of cardiovascular disease. more
Like most CIOs of three-hospital health systems, Karen Bowling has plenty keeping her busy these days. Now there's even more to do. With the... more
To healthcare mogul Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, the dirtiest four-letter word in the realm of digital health is "silo." more
EHRs were designed to satisfy specific functions for distinct parts of the care process. Currently, EHRs are all about making sure all the warnings... more
ONC chief Karen DeSalvo, MD, envisions an agency with new workgroups and a less siloed approach, with consumer and privacy advocates participating... more
CMS officials say a new data set identifying physician payments and services performed will help prevent fraud and abuse. The American Medical... more
Boston has long proven itself a mecca for healthcare innovation, a hub of some of the best minds and most prestigious hospitals in the nation. And... more
KLAS spoke with more than 100 providers for the recently published ICD-10 consulting services report, in which providers revealed who they used for... more
Think the chances of getting a meaningful use audit are slim? Tell that to the folks who lost their job for doing it wrong, or folks at the four-... more
Healthcare CIOs report their workload is growing in both scope and complexity, and there seems to be no end in sight. This is according to a new... more
In a development that could help providers with remote patient monitoring and other telehealth applications, one developer has created a neuroimaging... more
Bill Spooner "retired" from his post as leader of Sharp HealthCare's 450-member IT team on Feb. 14. The quotes around "retired... more
Working in collaboration, HL7 International and the American Immunization Registry Association have announced the launch of a new HL7 Immunization... more
Some 5,100 Kaiser Permanente patients were sent HIPAA breach notification letters after a KP research computer was found to have been infected with... more
Expectations are high and getting higher for today's healthcare CIO, who continues to be deluged with "do-it-now" projects at a time... more
A widely anticipated report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other agencies may finally clear the air on how healthcare IT -- and... more
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a highly regarded teaching hospital in Boston, but in 2012, the hospital found out it had one of the highest... more
The New York eHealth Collaborative and the Partnership Fund for New York City are calling for applications for a second round of healthcare startups... more
With apologies to Internet meme-makers everywhere, analytics experts have a message for healthcare providers trying to get their heads around... more
Healthcare industry response to yet another postponement of ICD-10 coding ranges from relief to resentment. Those who haven't prepared for the... more
We hear a lot about patient engagement these days. Certainly, the idea is a noble one. And the benefits it could bring when practiced on a wide scale... more
Overall provider satisfaction with HIE solutions has dropped an average of 8 percent since last year as provider demands have outpaced vendor... more
The Senate's vote March 31 to delay implementation of ICD-10 by a year might be providing hospitals extra time to get ready for the transition,... more
In its second analytics buy in the past three months, GE Healthcare will acquire Montreal-based CHCA Computer Systems, which develops operating room... more
The brainchild of medical researcher, professor and self-made billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, NantHealth is aimed at solving the interoperability... more
The news that someone slipped a provision into the Sustainable Growth Rate patch legislation that will once again delay the transition to ICD-10 is... more
It took the Senate nearly five hours Mar. 31 to debate and approve a bill that would temporarily fix the SGR and also delay ICD-10 one year. The... more
Industry observers and insiders alike were a bit surprised that the American Medical Association did not appear overjoyed with the prospect of ICD-10... more

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