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Big data is bringing big changes to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. Making the most of it will require providers to develop or hire new skill sets to compile a "cross-breed of expertise, wherein data scientists work in tandem with subject matter experts." more
In our monthly "Benchmarks" column, Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics take stock of the market for imaging technology. While provider... more
The media hype around Ebola may have subsided in recent weeks, but that doesn't mean preparedness is any less essential when it comes to this... more
Weill Cornell's Keith Hentel, MD, will be the first to tell you: His radiology department intentionally failed to meet Stage 1 of meaningful use... more
Offering a bit of leeway, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has pushed out the deadline for eligible hospitals and critical access... more
Lucia Savage, who joined the National Coordinator for Health IT as chief privacy officer this past month, will join other top security officials from... more
As the Affordable Care Act spurs innovation and consumerism grows, deal sizes for digital health have increased. Meanwhile, more and more private... more
A recent study involving 1,500 patients, conducted by the University of California Department of Medicine, found that remote monitoring and telephone... more
Smart mobile strategies must consider the methods end-users could invent to undermine them, says one clinician who'll speak at the Privacy... more
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will pay $100,000 to the state of Massachusetts after one of its physicians failed to follow the hospital's... more
The lifespan of Google Glass might just be short-lived, with the technology facing an increasing amount of public criticism in recent months. But... more
With all the talk about patient engagement as a component of both meaningful use and of healthcare quality improvement, it seems to be lacking in one... more
As debate swirls about a recent Institute of Medicine report suggesting that electronic health records collect more non-clinical patient data for... more
The American Telemedicine Association is hoping an unlikely alliance in Congress between a conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat will... more
CommonWell Health Alliance is marching toward "a new phase" of its vendor-driven interoperability efforts, extending its availability to... more
A report from the Office of Inspector General outlines the top challenges faced by the Department of Health and Human Services in FY 2014. Among them... more
Earlier this month, we reported how healthcare is increasingly embracing a new C-suite position: chief data officer. Now, the Centers for Medicare... more
In case anyone was still wondering about a leadership vacuum at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Karen... more
Rather than just getting more cheerleading for a technology that has been disappointing for years, attendees at the AMIA annual conference on Tuesday... more
Digital healthcare is no longer a reality of the future. It's happening now. And, as the industry moves toward full digitization, previously... more
Jay Radcliffe breaks into medical devices for a living, testing for vulnerabilities as a security researcher. He's also a diabetic and gives... more
"mHealth apps and wearables will play an important part in personalizing healthcare and improving health outcomes through information... more
As Walgreens' vice president of digital health, Adam Pellegrini and his team have managed to mix wearables, gamification and evidence-based... more
Over the past two years, as many as 3,000 mHealth projects have been launched worldwide, with only 10 of those being scaled to anything resembling a... more
As Penn Medicine enters the home stretch of formulating its bring-your-own-device policy, Associate CIO of Technology and Infrastructure John Donohue... more
Seniors represent one of America's largest and fastest growing populations, and one that will continue to strain the nation's healthcare... more
At the American Medical Informatics Association's annual symposium today, developers and backers of public application programming interfaces... more
What are the responsibilities of covered entities when an encrypted laptop or device is stolen, but the passcodes are handed over in the theft as... more
MedeAnalytics, which develops business intelligence and revenue cycle technologies, has acquired OnFocus Healthcare, a maker of enterprise... more
We often hear about streams of data. Sometimes, the flood can seem like a data deluge. In its new analytics project with EMC Corporation, Partners... more
The collections process is ripe for innovation, on both the payer and provider side. Increasingly, savvy providers are using health IT to broaden... more
In tandem with its 10-year interoperability roadmap, ONC has developed a decade-long vision for ensuring health information technology is deployed to... more
Due in part to evolving regulatory and health IT landscapes, the cloud market is poised for a double digit growth phase, new analysis suggests. Don... more
Without good data, patient-centeredness is just a buzzword. And without a patient-centric focus and proper organization, data can be rather useless.... more
As ONC puts forth the government's long-term vision for nationwide interoperability, four industry stakeholders -- the EHR/HIE Interoperability... more
The Institute of Medicine has issued a new report calling for standardized social and behavioral data to be included in electronic health records.... more
The former chief financial officer of a now-closed Texas hospital is one step closer to a potential five years in federal prison after pleading... more
As ONC refines its 10-year vision for interoperability, a diverse coalition of private and public interests has put forth its own ideas for... more
Two very different healthcare organizations in the Lone Star State -- one a small rural facility, the other a joint venture between for-profits and... more
Data and collaboration at the local level are at the heart of a $7.5 million challenge for communities to devise novel but scaleable ways of boosting... more
The federal government's electronic health record incentive money appears to be working well for hospitals and physician practices, both of whom... more
Electronic health records have seen encouraging uptake among office-based physicians in recent years, with eight in 10 now having at least a basic... more
Cerner, which has been going gangbusters on new EHR rollouts since the HITECH Act was passed, took a giant leap Wednesday with a groundbreaking at a... more
Simply knowing your options about what kind of reimbursement is available is arguably the biggest hurdle to launching a telehealth program. "If... more
Increasingly, healthcare providers are deploying apps that manage patient wait time -- which MGMA says is "a strong predictor of overall... more
Chris Crowley, who says he spent his teenage years "logging into servers all over the world with pretty much free reign," will offer his... more
What the shifting political winds mean for mHealth is still anyone's guess. But rest assured that when the 2014 mHealth Summit convenes next... more
Here's a thought that should cheer clinical app developers: "99 percent of the greatest ideas in mobile development have not been developed... more
With just 2 percent of physicians having managed to attest to Stage 2 meaningful use, clearly something is holding back the vast majority of docs... more
Virginia-based Bon Secours Health System, with facilities across six states, has selected a combination of technology and services to help it achieve... more
A state insurance plan subcontractor is at the center of a serious security incident after hackers gained three months of unfettered access to its... more

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