CMS Administrator Seema Verma

By Henry Powderly 12:13 pm March 14, 2017
The consultant, a close ally of Vice President Mike Pence from their days in Indiana, replaces former CMS chief Andy Slavitt, who has been an outspoken opponent of Republican proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act.
By Jessica Davis 11:49 am March 14, 2017
The backup drive contained a trove of EHR data, including Social Security numbers and insurance policy details.
NewYork-Presbyterian CEO Steven Corwin

NewYork-Presbyterian CEO Steven Corwin explained that America has to decide if healthcare is a right or a privilege. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:43 am March 14, 2017
Corwin calls for keeping the individual mandate and taking care of poor people to help the insurance market function.
Democrats CBO GOP health plan

HHS Secretary Tom Price downplayed the Congressional Budget Office projections about the American Health Care Act. But Democrats and industry associations spoke out against the legislation. 

By Jack McCarthy 08:54 am March 14, 2017
Congressional Budget Office estimate that the Republican plan would save $337 billion but leave 24 million uninsured sparks federal debate about who the bill would really help. 
Mass General population health

Mass General's Adrian Zai said that among the population health challenges is coordinating care and making sure all the right pieces are in place. 

By Bill Siwicki 08:15 am March 14, 2017
The hospital's multidisciplinary care teams track patients in real-time and can mount interventions to correct lagging performance. And Mass General’s clinical director of population informatics Adrian Zai, MD, said that doctors like the program.
trust vendors cybersecurity
By Bill Siwicki 08:14 am March 14, 2017
Ninety-two percent of executives said they trust vendors completely, according to research by Bomgar. And the plot thickens as 71 percent expect to become more reliant on third-parties in the next two years.
social determinants population health

Health Quality Advisors president Michael Millenson said that healthcare organizations cannot make the transition to population health and value-based care without engaging patients and that requires addressing a number of challenges. 

By Diana Manos 07:30 am March 14, 2017
Experts contend that healthcare providers are starting to catch on to the importance social determinants of health play at the individual and patient population levels and that, increasingly, the factors will inform how they can ultimately improve care.   
Epic App Orchard open
By Bernie Monegain 01:15 pm March 13, 2017
The EHR vendor, which has been building the marketplace for some time, said App Orchard is now officially up and running.
House bill genetic tests
By Jessica Davis 12:03 pm March 13, 2017
The HR1313 bill passed 22-17 would penalize employees unwilling to share genetic testing information when participating in wellness programs.
genomics patient generated health data
By Jack McCarthy 09:42 am March 13, 2017
The lack of adequate EHR interoperability continues to hinder healthcare organizations ability to use patient data in care delivery, the report’s author said. 

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